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Yoga Canoe Trips

3 Day Canoe Trips

This trip will give you a taste of what Algonquin is all about. Itís a great experience for those who are going on a canoe trip for the first time and for those who have little time off from work and need to getaway for a while. Each day will start off with a yoga class that is designed to help slowly wake up the body and mind and prepare you for a day filled with canoeing, portaging, and having a great time. At the end of the day there will be time for swimming, fishing, or just relaxing on the lakeshore. There will also be a yoga class at the end of the day to stretch out those stiff muscles from canoeing and carrying packs over the portages. Throughout the trip your guide will be teaching you the basics of canoeing, regaling you with stories of the park, and will be baking up a storm of tasty desserts after youíve enjoyed a gourmet meal.

Trip Dates:  Aug 3 - 5 (A Healing Journey), Aug 7 - 8, 2015

Price of Trip: $520 Canadian
Prices do not include tax (13%)

4 Day Canoe Trip

This trip is a great opportunity to extend a long weekend into an even longer weekend. You will be traveling deeper into Algonquin Park where there are fewer groups and greater chances of spotting wildlife. Each morning and evening will have a yoga class as well as meditation sessions in the evenings for those who wish to participate. We also try to customize the trip to meet each individuals needs. For the orienteering enthusiasts, sessions on navigation are available throughout the trip. For those who are curious about gourmet cooking in the woods, your guide will divulge our culinary secrets and will have you assist them in their outdoor kitchen.

Trip Date:  TBA

Price of Trip: $640 Canadian
Prices do not include tax (13%)

Yoga Sea Kayaking

3 Day Tour Franklin and The Minks Islands

The trip starts from Snug Harbour where the group will paddle through narrow channels and past steep rocky cliffs. Your next stop, the south shore of Franklin Island. The group will continue to explore the rugged west shore of the island by sea kayak and set up camp for the night.

Each day will start with a Sunrise yoga class where you will greet the day with some gentle stretches followed by sun salutations to awaken the body, mind, and soul; as well as to welcome the sun.  By the end of the class you will feel refreshed, energized and ready for a fun filled day of paddling.

During each rest stop, we will be doing some gentle yoga postures to get the kinks out and then explore the surround landscape.  The flowers, rock formations, and the crystal clear waters are awaiting your child-like discovery.

When you return to the base camp, there will be a vinyasa flow class over looking the gorgeous landscape of Georgian Bay's 30, 000 Islands.

Trip Dates:  July 10 - 12, 2015

Price of Trip: $ 485 Canadian
Prices do not include tax (13%)

5 Day Tour The Outer Fox Islands

The trip starts from the historic town of Britt, situated on Byng Inlet. A picnic lunch will be served once all the kayaks are packed and ready to go. The group will spend its first night within the beautiful Champlain Island area. Where the water is sparkling clear and the island's landscape gives you a taste of what's to come.

Each morning will be a Sunrise Yoga class to greet the day.  Throughout the day you will be stopping to explore some of the fantastic sites and "stretch out the kinks".  At the end of the after camp has been established a vinyasa flow yoga class will be offered.  In the evenings a gentle Yin Yoga class will finish off the day surrounding the campfire.

Next stop, the Churchill Islands. This section of the trip will introduce some open water paddling with possible swells and a gorgeous view of the horizon. Once closer to the Churchill Islands, your sense of adventure will be called upon while you wind your way through narrow and twisting passageways within a maze of small islands.

On your way to the Outer Fox Islands, you'll encounter Dead Island. This island is a sacred burial ground for the local Ojibwe and is to be treated with respect. The Outer Fox Islands are a fantastic collection of islands that contain countless channels and coves that will challenge any explorer. From here we will take a circular route back to Byng Inlet where the group will part ways with some new found friends and great memories.

Trip Dates:  TBA

Price of Trip: $775 Canadian
Prices do not include tax (13%)

Custom Trips

For the groups we offer a 15% discount off the total groupís rate if the group has 5 Ė 7 people within the group. Please indicate that you would like a custom trip at the time you are registering.

Last Updated: April 12, 2017